Dear Mom like me,

You were born to dance wildly and without shame. But somewhere along the way, disappointments caused you to doubt, which eventually left you unbalanced and off rhythm. 

But you’re here… I see a little dance still left in your step. I love that. 

I want to help you magnify your dance, so you can boldly move with purpose and hope. 

But first, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Erica Foster

I’m a Mother first, writer, speaker, and coach. I inspire women to connect with the Creator so they can turn their disappointments into dancing.


I believe in authentic, deep conversations. Lifting up not tearing down. The joy of storytelling. The unity and strength of community. The freedom of soulful singing. The transformative power of gratefulness. The truth of God’s Holy Words, and the refreshing feeling of living a pure life. 

I believe in giving ourselves permission to be who we were created  to be. 

I believe that living a wholehearted life means: Bringing ALL of ourselves to God. Letting go of all our burdens and control, and feeling that sweet relief of forgiving ourselves and others.  

I take a stand for Love. 

I believe what we’re ultimately looking for – that big purpose we’re all trying to find – is love. True unconditional love. The unexplainable love that embraces us and believes in us even when we are alone. 

And the good news is

Love is possible for everyone!

You have permission to turn upward, tap your essence and light up the world with a personality, presence, and dance that’s all your own.