In my own life, I have story after story of the times when I chose to be thankful instead of complaining, and God showed up.
Take my dishwasher, for example, I will be celebrating living in my home for 9 years this week and I remember I had a choice between having a little pantry or a dishwasher. With 5 kids, of course, I chose the dishwasher. But I couldn’t afford a dishwasher, so for many weeks, there was just a big hole where a dishwasher should go. One day, a family in our church called me and said, “Erica, we just got a new dishwasher and wonder if you want our old one?” They said the only thing wrong with it is the door is hard to shut. I immediately said yes.

And from then on, I was deeply thankful for that dishwasher. Whenever I put the soap in and shut the door, many times I say, “God, thank you for providing this incredible dishwasher.” And do you know that thing is still running strong to this day? It is definitely over 10 years old. And it has been used a ton! I believe that every time I thank God for it he adds another year to it. I see it happening with so many other situations and things in my life as well.

Authentic True Thankfulness is a powerful weapon to bring healing and hope into any situation!

When we are thankful, even when we don’t feel like it, God wants to bless us. It is kind of like when one of my kids sacrificially does something nice for me it makes me so happy. I want to just give them a big hug and give back to them and be with them even more. God is the same way.

Just remember, be truly thankful to God for your life, your things, your family etc. It will bring the peaceful presence of God into your home and your life in ways that you won’t even be able to comprehend.