Have you lost your awe and wonder?

I woke up this morning very burdened because many of my friends are going through horrific situations. Just yesterday, I attended a dear Christian friend’s memorial service who unexpectedly died of cancer only two months after she was diagnosed. She was my age and had two boys still at home. It was heartbreaking. She and her husband helped me get through some horrific times in my own life. She left an incredible legacy, and I was questioning God as to why she had to die so young.

I decided to take a small hike through the woods with my little sidekick, Mr. Darcy. The sun was rising and majestic beams started breaking through the trees. Instantly, I stood there in awe and wonder as an unexplainable peace overwhelmed me.

As I continued walking, I kept hearing, “Never lose your awe and wonder of what I have done and continue to do in the midst of suffering.” My mind started drifting back to the times when Jesus rescued me when I was at my lowest. At that moment, a profound humble song of thankfulness erupted from my innermost being. Jesus reminded me of when His pure love miraculously healed my broken heart, delivered me, comforted me, and forgave me, many times. I should’ve been the one on that cross, but God sent His son to die in my place. Jesus’ love resurrects me out of my shame and gives me back my honor.

I am deeply grateful for the suffering I have gone through because I no longer feel dead inside. I now can hear the birds singing, feel the warmth of sunshine, and see His beauty all around me.

Even though it is difficult to see others suffer, especially friends and family, as they turn to God, His love and hope will pursue them, change them from the inside out, and resurrect them to new life.

I want to encourage you to always have, “The Cross,” at the forefront of your mind …and you will forever live life in awe and wonder!

“Fear, duty, and guilt may motivate us for a short time but only a humble awareness of Christ’s love for us will be what motivates us for a lifetime.” Romans 5

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